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Monday, August 4, 2008

What A Load Of (S)crap.....

Whenever I think of this, about what happened, I always come up with this one song. It's the title track of a show I'm rather sorry I used to watch: Taina. I think they used to show it on Cartoon Network or Pogo in India. Or maybe it was Nick. Doesn't really matter.

Here're the lyrics (the first two lines of the chorus, at least):

[You know I can't wait to see my name in lights
No one's gonna stop me you'll see...]

Hmmm, so here's the deal: my by-line got scrapped, ok? Yeah, I know it sounds kiddish, I know I'm gonna receive a lotta flak for this, but I don't care. I was excited, I was hopping on one leg, I was smirking at you lesser mortals, but now...now I'm part of the crowd. I don't got no by-line no more, man :-(

Anyway, that ain't the point.

No, no, wait, that is the point.

Whatever the point, actually, the point is that I have a point.

That's besides the point.

So is this :-D

Sorry, couldn't resist that one.

Now the problem is this: I've gone and blown my own trumpet far and wide--practically half the world now thinks I'm getting a by-line.

Oh, I work at Filmfare, by the way. I should've mentioned that before, I guess.

So yeah, now I don't get to read my name in lights...I mean print and that's pissing off.

Don't get this wrong--don't mistake my flippant (oh yeah, I've still got the vocab) tone for a well-healed heart. No, my friends, my readers (however few you are), my people, I am nursing more than a few bruised veins. I'm clutching the remnants of a few happy memories. The moment, that one golden moment, when I realized that my name would be printed where few mens' names've been printed.

But no! No, this is not Utopia, now, is it? No! This is reality. HARSH reality, if you will. MY reality!

Yep, no by-line for me...scrap it, he's just a kid. Cut it, tear it, rip it apart....in fact, why don't we just remove the goddamned page? Hahahaha! That'll teach him to get his hopes high! Mwahahahahaha!

Welcome to my world.....

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